Le sigh…..

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I really need to actually blog, there’s a raccoon, I are it #100DaysofBlogging

And here we go….

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I’m really annoyed with this whole, sleep for 3 hours and wake up at 1AM wide eyed and bushy tailed thing….

Also, I pretty much forgot I started this blog, which going to be my online memoir, and figured I should get it goin again! So here’s a little update on ME; #MangoDunks

So as of basically Christmas, I’ve been residing with my beautiful girlfriend, Sheridan, in Bellingham, Washington, a couple minutes south of my real hometown and Canada too. I came up from Hollywood California where I’ve been living the last few years, and things have been awesome. I’ve done things I never thought I’d ever do; like open for one of my idols #MickeyAvalon


Also became a ” DJ” with my best friend….



And have just been all around smiling again. 

I’m close as fuck to my mom and dearest friends, I’ve been opening shows for effin super groups like #TurqoiseJeep  

And life is good.

After the whole “separating with wife” and my baby brothers passing, in LA, it’s been really refreshing to be surrounded by so many people that I love and that love me. 

I plan on making this blog as ammusing as possible, mainly filled with stories of my past, as I have not lead the most conventional life, and want to share these stories. I’m going to try to update this shit daily, and keep you Rollin. 

All in all, I just needed to write something to get this blog rolling again. And here it is. Just always keep in mind; you #HeardAboutMangoDunks 

First REAL post, Run Ricky, RUN!

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Rahim is a muthafuckin fool, you never give a crazy ass nigga like Bishop no handgun……

So i created this blog to be a memoir of past and forthcoming life events and who else knows da fuck
So I gotta start it off with some good shit, a lil rememberey about a normal weekend in my life and I wanna throw in a lil album “review” cause this shit is my shit (*insert poop emoji)

So first entry in my “memoir” is about thus random weekend in mah old hood…….
(Keep in my mind all names are changed, and the way I tell the story is how my brain actually remembers the events) {if you know/feel different about the way these events in any of my posts went down, feel free to correct me} [My brain cells are pretty much mush at this point in my life]

seattle skyline

so once upon a time, back in a land far far away, that looked a lot like this place pictured above……

So to start it off, Mamadunks opted to not breast feed me when I was a wee lad. Just had to start off with that for the irony of this story, so here goes

One of my close friends, lets call her Barbara, had recently had a child and her boobies were big ol milk producing machines. Whatevs, no big deal. So a bunch of us go out one night on the hill
aka party mountain, trapitol trill, and/or where i lived bahaha

I believe this was a Friday night, so Barbara, myself and a gang of fools hit the Cha Cha for a night of madness.
it was Summer, so it was HOT and after pounding many beers and shots, a mob of us
decide to go to Madisn Park (the “beach” on Lake Moshington) and go skinny dipping to cool our hot drunk asses off
upon arrival and entering the water and acting a fool for awhile
I wade through the water to ask and/or tell my friend Barbara something, which clearly heald no importance
just at teh moment I was approaching her and was witin a 2 foot radious, she jumps in the air and her big ol boobie slaps the water, and me being me, my muth was wide open(mouth open pic), and when thus
said boobie makes contact with th esurfac of the water (lactating boob) it proceeds to shoot breast milk into my mouth for the first tim in my life, it was surprsingly sweet, and what a shock, it otally tasted like
the milk in the bottom of the bowl after a deleciois brekfast of Capn Crunch (captain crunch pic)
A brief laugh was shared, and thats a wrap
That was friday……


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Well here goes



I need to get this ish crackin, fuuuuck

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I’m still trying to get the hang of this, fuck my life

<img src="https:// Continue reading ‘G🌹A⌛️N🔪G’

#Raccune #TRVTH

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this EP………

makes me boner

download it now

@zapsmackos doin the most




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I’m going to make a nonsense post to see how this work since it’s lookin legit

Laundry finish nooooowwww


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Fart fuck